Think You Know Music?

How it Works

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    Step 1 :: Select an Era

    First you will be given a choice of 4 eras of music. These are 1959-1989, 1990-2015 and 1959-2015

    Choice of era has no effect on the score that is awarded for a correct answer.

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    Step 2 :: Select what type of answer you would like to provide.

    Next you are given 3 options for the type of answer that you will provide. This will affect the number of points that you will receive for a correct answer.

    Correctly identifying the Artist will earn you 5 points.
    Correctly identify the song title to earn 8 points.
    If you are able to correctly identify both Artist and Song Title you will receive 15 points.
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    Step 3 :: Do you want to listen to a clip or read a sample lyric?

    Clips will be approximately 10 seconds and lyric samples will be between 130 and 160 characters.

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About TYKM

For over 45 years, the Founder, Don Perry, has been listening and buying music of all kinds. Introduced to music by his parents, he listened at night when he was supposed to be going to bed. He listened when he was supposed to be doing his homework. He listened on the radio when he got his first car, and OMG, he even listened in the shower ! He bought 45 rpm’s, he bought albums, tapes, 8 tracks, CD’s and even downloaded when that became fashionable ! He read magazines like Rolling Stone, SPIN, Blender, and Billboard. He watched programs like American Bandstand, Soul Train and even MTV’s Clubland. He was hooked, and obsessed. He even attended concerts from acts like the Eagles, Elton John, Janet Jackson, Shakira, and Aerosmith among many others.

But like many music lovers he still wasn’t fulfilled. There was still something missing. He felt like he should give back to the artists, songwriters, producers, music companies etc., that gave him all those countless hours of memories and enjoyment. So in the Spring of 2009, three things in particular came together to give him an idea. The first was the wonder called YouTube. The website allowed him to see videos of his favorite songs, which then led to more videos and more songs. He started remembering songs he had forgotten that meant a lot to him. The second thing was the purchase of an IPod. He suddenly realized that he could buy songs and download them to play whenever he wanted. And, he could even take the songs of his beloved albums and CD’s and put them on the IPod. The third thing was Billboard magazine. They have lists of songs like the Hot 100, listed by year! He could use the lists to buy every song he ever liked.

And that’s how this website came to be. He realized that lots of songs were not being played, or forgotten by radio station playlists and listeners. When he was purchasing songs from Amazon or ITunes, he would play a portion of the song just to make sure it was the right one. People around him would hear the portion and attempt to name the artist or ask for the name of the song, as it stirred memories in them as well. Thus, an old idea became new. How about a website where people could hear a portion of a song, attempt to name the song or the artist, and win prizes as well ! Throw in some trivia questions and voila ! ThinkYouKnowMusic was born.

Oh yeah, our mission statement…..We want everyone who visits this web site to have fun, remember songs that they may have forgotten, hear songs they may have missed growing up, have the music bring back memories, and possibly learn new songs that somehow got by them in the years they came out. And if you learn something about the song, artist, band, composer, producer or writer, then it’s all good. Because in our opinion, without the writer there is no song. Without the artist to bring their interpretation of it to life, there is no hit. Every song that ever made it to the Billboard charts was a collaboration of effort. It’s all those people’s efforts that we salute with our website. Thank you.

Don Perry


When you sign in on the "Login" page, your number of points are tracked, and you are automatically eligible to win prizes. You may still play the game without signing in, but your points will not be calculated nor will prizes be awarded. Besides playing the game, you are also allotted points for answering the bonus Trivia Question on the "Home" Page.

All the songs on our website are from a Billboard Magazine’s list. If a song made it to a list in Billboard Magazine from 1959 to 2013, then it was deemed eligible for our list. The lists we used were:

Hot 100 Songs of the Year
Hot Rhythmic Airplay
Hot Dance Club Play Singles
Billboard #1 Top Singles
Hot Dance Singles Sales
Hot Modern Rock Tracks
Hot Rap Tracks
Hot Soundtrack Singles
Hot R&B Hip Hop Singles Sales
Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks
Hot R&B Hip Hop Air Play
Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks
Hot R&B Hip Hop Singles and Tracks
Hot Mainstream Top 40 Tracks
Hot 100 Singles Sales
Hot Rhythmic Top 40 Tracks
Hot 100 Airplay
Hot Dance Radio Airplay
Hot 100 Singles and Tracks
Hot Digital Tracks

If you come across a song that you think did not make it to a Billboard list, you can view the billboard archives here:

At midnight on the last day of the month, whoever is atop the Leaderboard wins the Android Tablet. There can only be one winner per family per year, and the winner will be notified via email. The winner will provide a physical address and proof of identification for the Android Tablet to be shipped to them within 72 hours of notification. If the winner does not respond, or does not fulfill specified conditions, then the player who was in second place at the time of the award, becomes the grand prize winner. A list of grand prize winners will be made public on the website and available upon request. Any taxes, local, state or federal are the responsibility of the winner. All shipping and handling charges will be handled by Any disputes with the website that require litigation will be done under the laws of the website’s owner’s state and country(see Terms of Use).