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I think this site is fantastic ! I get to possibly win a new Android tablet doing something that is fun and educational at the same time. Bring on the country music in the future !!!!

- Heather D.

I love catching up on older tunes that you don’t hear any more on the radio, by watching the videos after guessing the name of a song. It’s also cool listening to songs I never heard before, with the ability to buy them instantly.

- Andy F.

This is way more fun than that name-a-song phone app I downloaded last year. Yeah, the download was free but then you had to pay to play. No thanks.

- Loreli P.

I like playing the game with my wife beside me. She guesses the names of the songs and I guess the artists. Doing it together is giving us lots of enjoyable times together.

- Ron C.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I was one of those people who thought I knew the words to all my favorite artist’s songs. Boy was I wrong ! It’s also neat to guess at the trivia questions.

- April B.

Being able to see the video of the song you just guessed about is a plus in my book. And then being able to read about the artist thanks to the link to Wikipedia is way cool. It saves you from having to open another window and go find it yourself.

- Sean K.

I like the stories about the rock stars and the blogs at the bottom of the page. I already had a music blog I read almost every day, but now I found a new one to share with my friends. Thanks TYKM.

- Mark B.

While I like the site very much, I’m looking forward to the time when they add the page about local bands. We have some awesome bands in our area and I agree, they need more exposure. Great idea guys !

- Meredith E.